Accident Report

Per Rhode Island General Law (R.I.G.L. 31-26) and it's subsections, every motorist must stop upon being involved in a motor vehicle accident. At this time it should be determined if there are any injuries and whether police and/or rescue are needed. Some motor vehicle accidents are minor enough where it is acceptable for motorists to exchange information without immediate police involvement. In these circumstances motorists can complete a South Kingstown Police Department In-Station Accident Report at a later time, preferably within 24 hours of the motor vehicle accident.

Downloadable Form

The Accident Report form (PDF) allows each motorist to file a report and give a description of the sequence of events leading up to the motor vehicle accident. This form can also be used for "hit-and-run" accidents where the other party/vehicle involved is unknown. Provide as much information as possible and please print clearly.

The completed form can then be brought to the South Kingstown Police Department and given to the clerk at the "Records" window or to a dispatcher if the Records department is closed. At this point a "Call Number" will be assigned by the clerk/dispatcher.

Online Accident Reports

Accident reports are now available online after 2 business days. Visit the Buy Crash website for more information.