Virtual Tour

  1. Building Exterior

    Building Exterior

    The site is designed to preserve trees at the perimeter.

  2. Card Room

    Card Room

    The Card Room is located within the Game Room as a semi-private area.

  3. Computer Café Room

    Computer Café Room

    The Computer Café Room is a partial octagon shaped space that serves as a combination of Library/Café and a Computer Club area.

  4. Conference Room

    Conference Room

    The Conference Room is a dedicated space for meetings of advisory committees, associations, or staff.

  5. Dining Room

    Dining Room

    The dining room for the building is viewed from the Lobby/Atrium through a series of traditional grilled fixed light windows.

  6. Game Room

    Game Room

    The game room is adjacent to the main Lobby/Atrium and is arranged in 2 areas.

  7. Lobby/Atrium


    The central space of the Center is the Lobby/Atrium.

  8. Multipurpose Room

    Multipurpose Room

    The Multipurpose Room is a space that serves a variety of functions including meetings, classes, exercise, receptions and parties, it also serves as a room for bingo.

  9. Office Wing

    Office Wing

    On the north side of the building are the operation/function areas which include a variety of offices.