Property Revaluation

RIGL § 44-5-11.5 and §44-5-11.6 require all Rhode Island cities and towns to perform Property Revaluations every three years.

Under the State’s revaluation guidelines, the revaluation cycle requires statistical updates every third and sixth year, and a full revaluation every ninth year.  The purpose of the revaluations is to reconcile property assessments to their full and fair cash value as of December 31st of any revaluation year.

The Town of South Kingstown's revaluation cycle is as follows:
  • Tax Year 2015 - Statistical Revaluation
  • Tax Year 2018 - Statistical Revaluation
  • Tax Year 2021 - Full Revaluation
  • Tax Year 2024 - Statistical Revaluation
The new December 31, 2015 revaluation assessment notices were mailed to property owners on February 19, 2016. All new assessment information is available on the Town's Web Site or also online.