Request for Public Information

The Town is committed to providing the public with access to public records from all Town departments under R.I. General Laws Section 38-2-2. The Town’s various departments and staff provides numerous documents to the public, media, and attorneys every day in the ordinary course of business.

Any person who wishes to request a public record should complete a “Request for Records Under the Access to Public Records Act" form.  These requests, known as APRA (Access to Public Records Act) requests, are broken into three (3) categories: Town Council, Town government and Police.  Please see the appropriate form and contact person listed to the right.

What to know when you are making an APRA request:

  • The Access to Public Records Act, R.I. General Laws Section 38-2-3(e), grants a public body ten (10) business days to respond to a public records request. The Act further provides that for good cause, a public body may submit a written request for an extension of up to twenty (20) business days to process the request.
  • The Access to Public Records Act provides the requestor the opportunity to view and/or copy public records. Should a copy be requested, the cost per copied page of written public documents is fifteen cents ($0.15) in accordance with R.I. General Laws Section 38-2-4 for documents copied on common business size (letter or legal) paper. You may elect to obtain public records in any and all media in which we are capable of providing them. The Act permits a reasonable charge for search and retrieval of documents. The hourly costs for a search and retrieval shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) per hour, with no charge for the first hour.