Princh Remote Printing

Print from your mobile device or PC where ever you have internet!

Using Princh, you can upload your print jobs, pay for them online or via the app, then pick them up at the library.
Black and white print jobs cost $.15 per page, color print jobs are $.50 cents per page.

Find Your Printer ID:axiell-princh
Each library branch and printer has a different pickup location code:

  • Peace Dale Color Printer and/or Black and White: 103061
    • Printouts will default to black and white, you must select color
  • Kingston Free Black & White Printer: 103068

To Print From a Phone or Tablet:

  1. Install the Princh app for iOs or Android
  2. Open your document and share it with the Princh app
  3. Select the printer by entering the Printer ID
  4. Enter online payment information. 

To Print from a Laptop or Desktop:

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Enter the printer ID and upload your documents
  3. Enter your online payment information