Westerly Community Credit Union Parking Lot

Major Land Development

Assessor's Plat 57-2, Lot 57 - 108 Kelley Way
The applicant is proposing to construct a stand-alone small private overflow parking lot to service employees and guests of the Westerly Community Credit Union building located diagonally across Kelley Way. The parking lot will include parking for thirty (30) vehicles as well as drainage and perimeter landscape plantings. A walkway is proposed to provide pedestrian access from the parking lot, across Kelley Way, to the Westerly Community Credit Union building. Access to the parking lot will be controlled with a gate located at the driveway entrance along Kelley Way. Since this project is located with the SMD, the project is required to proceed as a Major Land Development Project and must also include the requisite open space dedication in accordance with Section 605 – Route 1 Special Management District of the Zoning Ordinance.

Current Status:In March of 2021, the applicant advised the Planning Department that this application would not be proceeding for development approval and can essentially be considered withdrawn.

  1. Combined Master & Preliminary Plan
  2. Pre-Application Concept Plan

Not yet submitted