Public Comment/ Feedback

School Building Committee Communications

The School Building Committee is an special body appointed by the Town Council and  is required to follow open meeting laws as prescribed under RIGL 42-46.  All meeting agendas are posted a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours in advance and meetings are always held in an open forum.  The committee is not allowed to discuss relevant SBC topics with each other through e-mail. Communications from members may be sent to the SBC Chair who then provides the member communication to the committee with any received communications from the public.  Members may then respond to the comments at the next appropriately posted public meeting, but may not respond to comments through e-mail or other means.  

Communicating with the School Building Committee

The South Kingstown School Building committee is committed to full transparency, community education, and engagement of all interested parties.  Please note the following methods of communicating with the committee:

  • Members of the public are always welcome to attend regular SBC business meetings in person and provide comment at the appropriate time.  Several workshops are also scheduled exclusively for input from the public.  
  • Questions, comments, and other inquiries can be sent to the committee via e-mail at  
  • Written communications can be addressed to: South Kingstown Town Hall, 2nd Floor, Attn: School Building Committee, 180 High Street, Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879.
  • All e-mail, written, and other public is placed on the agenda at normal SBC meetings to ensure the committee is aware of community concerns and can discuss relevant topics.  
  • All communication will be formally accepted, and placed on file.  Should the SBC decide to further direct staff, the projects OPM, or the project's consultant relative to the correspondence, they may do so at the meeting.
  • All communications are also posted on this web page for viewing by the public.  

Communications to the School Committee

Starting on 10/29/2022 the Committee will be posting all written (e-mail or other) communications made to the SBC from the public on this website (see below). This allows community members, elected officials, and other interested parties to view and understand various perspectives regarding this generation project.  The SBC is committed to listening to all input as part of the decision making process. Please click on the date range below to download the PDF portfolio of communications for the date range listed.

Communication Date Range
Notes/ Comments
Email communications from members of the public to the School Building Committee.  No other formal written communication was received during this time.  

Email communications from members of the public to the School Building Committee.  

Email communications from members of the public to the School Building Committee.  Comments made after the 11/5 community workshop.