American Rescue Funding

ARPA Funding Overview

In addition to the $1.2 billion in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Fiscal Recovery Funds coming to the state, close to $537 million in Fiscal Recovery Funds was directed to Rhode Island’s local governments.   South Kingstown has received approximately $9 Million in ARPA funds. Local governments can spend their Federal Recovery Funds by whatever means they employ to make allocations through their regular, annual budget appropriations process. Neither the Governor nor the state legislature has any say in how the municipal governments can spend these funds, although there could be coordination and technical assistance to ensure that state and local spending complement rather than duplicate each other. These funds will be delivered in two tranches and must be allocated by the end of 2024 and spent by the end of 2026.  The Economic Progress Institute has more information about ARPA funds for local governments HERE

Funding Priorities

After several meetings and discussions regarding use of ARPA funds the Town Council prioritized several categories for the expenditure of ARPA.  Funding categories were initially approved by the Town Council in July 2021 and were subsequently amended in February 2022. The following is the most current summary of approved funding categories:

Village/ Downtown (Public Investment) $3,490,000 Public right of way improvement to include lighting, landscaping, sidewalks, signage, bus shelters, architectural design, recreation facilities, etc. 
Village/ Downtown (Public/ Private Investment)

$1,967,500 Façade Improvements, private streetscape enhancements, lighting, fencing, historic plaques, landscaping, architectural enhancements, etc. 
Non-Profit Social Service Grants  $425,000 Competitive grants to human service and outside agencies that support programs and initiative that support South Kingstown residents and the community as a whole. Grants will be made available in December 2022 for selection in early 2023.  
Affordable Housing (Creation and Elderly Home Repair) $375,000 Competitive grants to non-profit entities and private developers to provide matching or start up funds for affordable housing initiatives. Grants will be made available in December 2022 for selection in early 2023.  
Municipal Investment $1,093,179 Various investments in municipal programs, resources, and activities to include community policing, technology upgrades, EMS programs, natural resources, etc.
New EMS Facility $1,100,000 Funding for planned EMS facility to be located on Ministerial Road. This will allow for a planned expansion of our EMS services due to community needs.  
Program Management $500,000 Private consulting service to assist with architectural/ engineering services, fiscal accounting and management, and other similar services. 
Programmed Funds

$120,546 Unprogrammed funding.
TOTAL $9,071,225 Total funds provided by the federal government as budget revenue replacement.