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The mission of the Planning Department is to understand the values and goals of the community and facilitate progress toward a shared long-term vision of a responsible, balanced and inviting South Kingstown. The Planning Department works collaboratively with the public, key stakeholders, boards and commissions, municipal departments and state agencies to promote holistic decision making that reflects the community’s aspirations. 

The primary objectives of the Planning Department are:

  1. To engage the public in long term community planning; 
  2. To ensure land use regulations reflect the community’s shared vision; 
  3. To review development for consistency with regulations; and 
  4. To assist boards and commissions with projects that make progress toward identified goals.

The core values of public participation, equity, fairness, consistency and innovation guide the Planning Department’s work.


The Planning Department is located on the first floor of Town Hall, 180 High Street, Wakefield. The public is encouraged to call or visit the Department to research issues or to ask questions on any relevant topic. All current development proposals are available for public review during office hours. Copies of plans and reports can be made upon request. Please refer to the GIS webpage for a list of services as well as GIS maps and data that are available for purchase.

For more detailed discussion on Town planning issues, email one of the staff members listed at the right, or call the Department's planning associate at 401-789-9331, ext. 1244 to schedule an appointment.