Tutor Policy

South Kingstown Public Library Tutor Policy

It is the South Kingstown Public Library’s longstanding policy that Library space cannot be used for profit making or commercial activities. However, in keeping with the Library’s mission to support our community’s educational needs, the Board of Trustees permits tutoring on the premises in accordance with these guidelines.

Tutors agree to indemnify and forever hold harmless the Town of South Kingstown, the Library, its employees, agents and assigns, and the Library of Board Trustees from all direct and indirect consequences that may arise from their activities while on library premises.

Tutors may not publish or distribute communications of any kind, advertising the South Kingstown Public Library as their place of activity, nor may they imply Library sponsorship or endorsement of their activities.

All arrangements must be made between the tutor, student and parents.

Payment arrangements between tutors and clients should be handled off-site.

Tutors and their clients must be respectful to others using the Library.

Library staff will assist tutor teams, just as they assist any other patrons. Library staff will not deliver messages, find tutors, nor connect students with their tutors. Library staff will not assist the tutor in his/her business activities.

Conversation or instruction during tutoring should not distract or intimidate other Library patrons.

Tutor’s materials and use of space must not unreasonably interfere with other patrons’ access to Library resources.

Library space is limited and the Library reserves the right to limit tutoring activities if space resources are monopolized or activities unreasonably interfere with Library operations.

Tutors and their clients are to keep in mind that tutoring on Library premises is a privilege that the Library allows as part of its service to the community. Tutoring on Library premises will be tolerated so long as it does not interfere with the use of the Library by other community members.

I have read and understand the above policy, and I acknowledge and agree to be bound by its terms.



Adopted by the Board of Library Trustees August 8, 2017