Knapp School of Music


The mission of the school is to develop and encourage an interest in music within the community at large. It also strives to make classes affordable, offering opportunities to those who might otherwise have difficulties in obtaining music lessons.


Founded by Mrs. I. Peace Hazard and Mme. Charbonnel in 1933 as the Neighborhood Guild School of Music, today's Knapp School of Music offers weekly lessons. The Knapp School of Music takes its name from pianist Raymond Knapp who directed from 1939-92.
Knapp class picture

Mr. Knapp was a protégé of Madame Avis Bliven Charbonnel, Nicholas Slonimsky, and David Barnett. According to one former student, "Mr. Knapp maintained a high level of pedagogy — teaching a holistic approach to music that encompassed history as well as theory, technique, and composition." Mr. Knapp taught and inspired many pianists, two of whom are currently on the faculty.

Interested in Lessons?

CLICK HERE to fill out the interest form and email it to KSM Music Coordinator Brendan Moore -

Private Lessons and Group Classes

Private lessons and group classes are offered in piano, guitar (acoustic, electrical and classical), bass guitar, harp, drums, violin and suzuki violin, mandolin, jazz piano, music composition and arranging.


Email KSM Music Coordinator, Brendan Moore - and have your name put on the music lesson list. An instructor will reach out to you with enrollment information.

Private Lessons & Group Class Fees

All private lessons will be paid for in advance and by the month. Payments are due on or before the first lesson of the month. The cost of a half-hour lesson is $23. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee paid prior to the first class, and annually (in September) thereafter. Please note, the registration fee is not collected during the summer. Students will purchase music books and materials from the instructor, as the need arises.

Group classes, which run for 6 or 8 weeks, are priced at a reduced rate and are paid for in-full at the time of sign-up at the Front Desk.

Absentee Policy

No refunds will be given for missed classes. When sufficient advance notice is given for an absence a make- up lesson may be offered, as the instructor's schedule permits. Please call ahead of time if you know you will miss a class. Please give one month notice if you decide to discontinue lessons. This will assist in accommodating those students on a waiting list.

Teaching Schedule

Each private lesson student has a half-hour lesson once each week, on the same day and hour.

Preparing for Classes & Instrument Maintenance

All students must have an instrument at home. Daily practice is very important. Parents can assist by helping the student set up regular practice times, free from interruption, noise and other distractions. Providing verbal encouragement and listening to students play is also helpful. For proper aural development, pianos should be tuned regularly.


Student recitals are held periodically at the Guild. Students are invited to participate. There is a small charge to attend the recitals.


  • Brendan Moore, Coordinator: Piano, Jazz Piano, Jazz Composition 
  • Thomas Alger: Guitar
  • Mark Armstrong: Guitar
  • Joshua Bell: Mandolin, Mandolin Ensemble
  • Remy Besson: Piano
  • Kimberly Fang: Violin, Suzuki Violin
  • Gina Gaskill: Piano
  • Martha Higham: Piano
  • Molly McCaffrey: Harp
  • Peter Scartabello: Drums, Piano, Composition, and Arranging
  • Greg Shapior: Guitar
  • Luca Simeone: Guitar, Trumpet, Keyboard, Bass, Vocals
  • Julia Tombello: Piano