Adopt-A-Park participants will be required to complete the following responsibilities:
  1. Complete a Spring and Fall park clean-up each year. The Spring clean-up will be on the same date as the Town's annual clean-up. The Fall clean-up will be on a mutually acceptable date during the months of September or October. The Parks and Recreation Department will provide the trash bags and will remove all debris.
  2. Plant and maintain one planting bed in a mutually agreed site within the park. The Adopt-A-Park participant will be responsible for purchasing or obtaining donations for the planting materials. The bed will be completed in May of each year and will be maintained through September. The primary goal is to provide color and beauty in a centrally located and visible area within the park.
  3. Agree to participate in the Adopt-A-Park program for a minimum of two calendar years.
  4. Adopt-A-Park participants are also encouraged to make recommendations and participate in park improvement projects. This participation may include providing input on the improvement plans and/or raising funds for the project.
  5. All Adopt-A-Park participants must complete the organization registration form and individual releases.