Commercial Users

The following is a summary of pretreatment requirements for commercial establishments. In all cases, the information contained in the Wastewater Management Ordinance supersedes the information contained in this summary. View the Wastewater Management Ordinance (Chapter 19, Article II).

The following is a partial list of establishments required to have a commercial wastewater permit:
  • All automotive dealers, automotive repair shops, car wash facilities and gas stations with floor drains
  • All food establishments, including:
    • Bakeries
    • Candy makers
    • Food processors
    • Markets
    • Restaurants
    • Breweries/Distilleries
    • Ice Cream Shops
    • Coffee Shops
    • Any other business or facility that has a kitchen and prepares food
  • Dry cleaners
  • Laundromats
  • Photo Labs

Grease Trap and Oil/Water Separator Installation

All new food establishments must install a town approved grease trap, and all automotive related establishments must install a town approved oil/water separator.  Automated grease traps and/or outside grease interceptors are required for all grease intensive food establishments.  Passive grease traps are not allowed for grease intensive food establishments. Grease trap and oil/water separator size must be confirmed by a licensed plumber and shop drawings of the proposed grease trap or oil/water separator must be submitted to the Pretreatment Coordinator for approval prior to installation.
Upon installation, the Pretreatment Coordinator will inspect the establishment and the grease trap or oil/water separator for proper installation. Please submit the form below with grease trap shop drawings.  Thereafter, all establishments with grease traps or oil/water separators are subject to a minimum of a twice-yearly inspection.

Commercial wastewater permits are $100 per year and permit applications are available in the South Kingstown Town Clerk's Office, 180 High Street, Wakefield, Rhode Island. For more information on the Pretreatment Program, view the Wastewater Management Ordinance (Chapter 19, Article II); or call the Town's Pretreatment Coordinator at 401-788-9771.

 Commercial Grease Trap Application

Local Limits Derivation Report

The Wastewater Division operates and maintains a regional wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) located on Westmoreland Street in the Town of Narragansett that services portions of South Kingstown and its regional partners, the Town of Narragansett and University of Rhode Island (URI).  The facility receives septage from outlying areas, and conventional wastewater via the Town’s municipal gravity collection system and twelve pump stations.  The Town’s collection system receives wastewater from Town residents and URI.   Narragansett wastewater flow is conveyed via a separate force main that discharges at the WWTF headworks structure.

Local Limits Evaluation
Elevated biological oxygen demand (BOD) levels is an evolving problem in Rhode Island and throughout the country.  Since some industries typically have very high BOD discharges, RIDEM recently issued guidance documents for WWTFs to try and work with this new industry, while still complying with RI Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (RIPDES) permit limits that RIDEM issues each wastewater treatment facility.  Regardless of what industries may wish to discharge, the Town must comply with its RIPDES effluent monthly average limit of 30 mg/l for BOD and 30 mg/l for suspended solids. 

In addition, to South Kingstown specific wastewater user flow, the Town of Narragansett (northerly area) and University of RI are also contributory to the WWTF flow and associated mass loadings that correlate to establishment and/ or amendments to the local limits. 

Since it has been 20+ years since a local limits evaluation has been completed, RIDEM recommended that municipal WWTF reevaluate their pretreatment local limits to determine if BOD local limits (in addition to other local limits) merit modifications. Therefore, the Wastewater Division worked with an Engineering consultant to prepare the following Local Limits Derivation Report for the Town of South Kingstown, RI.  The report has been reviewed and approved by RIDEM.  The Town is preparing to submit to the Town Council a revised Wastewater Management Ordinance to reflect the findings of the Local Limits Derivation Report.

 Local Limits Derivation Report for the Town of South Kingstown, RI