Connecting to the Water System

If you are building a new home or want to connect an existing dwelling to the South Shore or Middlebridge water system, you need to obtain a water approval letter from the Water Division.


Just download the application (PDF) and call the Water Division office at 401-789-9331, ext. 2257 to start the process. After confirming that water service is available, a letter will be prepared for your (the owner's) signature. Connection fees must be paid at the time the letter is issued.

Curb Stop Installation

Once an approval letter has been issued and fees (PDF) have been paid, you need to mark the approximate location where your curb stop should be located.

The Town's contractor will tap the water main and bring your water service to the property line. The fee for this is based on whether the water main is located on your side of the road (a "short" service) or on the opposite side of the road (a "long" service). See below for water connection fees for the South Shore and Middlebridge Water systems.

An additional fee for "winter conditions" will be imposed for services installed between November 1 and April 1. If the road was recently repaved or stone sealed, an additional road restoration fee will be imposed.

Water Permit & Water Line Inspection

Before work on the water line begins, your State licensed Underground Utility Contractor or Master Plumber needs to obtain a water permit at the Water Division office, which is located at:
509 Commodore Perry Highway
Wakefield RI 02879

Water line inspections must be scheduled at least 48 hours before digging begins and the water permit must be on site in the excavator's possession. Call the Water Division office at 401-789-9331, ext. 2257 to schedule the inspection.

Water Line Specifications

The standard water service supplied is 3/4 inch diameter. We require minimum class 160 CTS polyethylene tubing. Larger service lines are permitted subject to size certification by a RI professional engineer. Additional costs for increased service size shall be paid by the applicant.

Meter Installation

As soon as interior plumbing is ready to accept the water meter, please call to have your water meter installed. Water may not to be used for any purpose until the water meter has been installed.

Meter Specifications

The standard meter supplied is 5/8 by 3/4-inch. An isolation ball valve is required on both the supply and demand side of the water meter. Prior to installation of the water meter by Water Division staff, a black-flow preventer and a thermal expansion control device that meet plumbing code specifications must be in place.

A meter setter "horn" is supplied by the Town for each new water meter installation. Water meter horn-to-pipe couplings are available at the Water Division office. The face to face dimension between meter couplings is 7 1/2 inches. Please make a provision for a remote sending wire that will be installed from the water meter to an outside receptacle.

Seasonal Customers

The water meter and meter horn are "sealed" with a tamper proof seal by Water Division staff at the time of installation. Property owners of seasonal homes need to make provisions to drain your water plumbing system without removing the water meter.