Schedule of Fees

  • Town Turn On and Turn Off Fee: Actual cost per trip
  • Damage to Hydrants, Valves, etc.: Actual cost incurred by Town
  • Service Installation to property line plus meter material installation and by Town inspection: Actual cost incurred and appurtenant item
  • Accounts with inoperative meter pits: Twice annual minimum charge
  • Engineering Review Fee: $25 to $100 as determined by Public Services Director
  • Construction Inspection: $100 per dwelling Actual Cost ($25 Minimum)
    • New Residential Projects Lot/Unit- Individual Residential House and Non-Residential Lateral Inspections
  • Added charge under an active individual extension contract: $125
    • Includes all Middlebridge area customers
  • Meter Test - by Utility without request: No Charge plus bill adjustment
  • Meter Test - At Customer Request
    • If found inaccurate in customer's favor: No Charge plus bill adjustment in accordance with water supply ordinance
    • If found inaccurate in utility's favor: Actual cost plus bill adjustment in accordance with water supply ordinance
    • If found accurate: Actual cost with no bill adjustment

Schedule of Water Rates

These rates are effective July 1, 2014.

Meter Size & Quarterly Fee

  • 5/8-inch: $55
  • 1-inch: $75
  • 1 1/4-inch: $115
  • 1 1/2-inch: $115
  • 2-inch: $160
  • 3-inch: $258
  • 4-inch: $401
  • 6-inch: $802
  • 8-inch: $802
Quarterly minimum charge for unmetered customers is double the quarterly minimum assessment.

Quarterly Use

Commodity Rate per 100 cubic feet.
  • First 1,250 cubic feet: Included in minimum charge
  • 1,250 to 2,500 cubic feet: $3.50
  • Over 2,501 cubic feet: $4.00
For existing special rate customers supplied through 1 meter to more than 1 dwelling or unit on the same platted lot, the rates shall be as follows:

Quarterly Fee & Allowance cubic feet

  • First Unit: $55 1,250 cubic feet
  • Each additional unit: $27.50 500 cubic feet
Excess water use over the allowance at commodity rates.

Water furnished by the Utility outside of the Town through 1 meter shall be charged the minimum meter charge if the meter is furnished by the Utility, and a municipal wholesale rate in accordance with the Commodity Rate Structure. The advance payment shall be estimated from the previous year's consumption.

Rates for public and private fire protection shall be charged in advance as follows:
  • Public Fire Hydrants: $328
  • Private Fire Hydrants: $328
  • 4-inch Private Fire Connection: $136
  • 6-inch Private Fire Connection: $328
  • 8-inch Private Fire Connection: $587
  • 10-inch Private Fire Connection: $908
  • 12-inch Private Fire Connection: $1,314